Traditional Top Cupola
Bell Top Cupola

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Base Size/Shape
18" x 18" - Square
24" x 24" - Square
30" x 30" - Square
35" x 35" - Square*
30" x 30" - Octagon

Add $250 for Patina Finish
Add $380 for Custom Pitch
Add $300 for Weathervane installation

All cupolas are handcrafted from 16-oz. copper with soldered joints. Each cupola is custom built to fit the pitch of your roof. Our cupolas will be shipped in four pieces: the cap, the louver section, the base and the flashing. The louver section will include a steel mesh barrier soldered on the inside, to keep out small animals and birds.The roof pitch must accompany all orders.

* 35x35 Square with Traditional Top comes with Split Louver

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Roof Pitch

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Top Style

Weathervane Installation


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Cupola Sizes Drawings

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